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Well well well, what the hell.........I had long given up on this Coyote avatar since a focus on it had only brought me shame loss and failure in my life. No matter where or how I tried, I could not get this idea to fly. Yet the ideas I had attempted to promote, for example, on Huffington Post during their formative years have only become MORE IMPORTANT today.
For example:  

***** Fuck Huffpost which has banned me multiple times and has become a hornets nest of Leftists with only the devil's agenda (such as their rejection of the universality of human rights)....Whatever.

 But lookie here, like a hundred folks have actually looked here to see wtf.

Yawn....streeeeetch.....maybe this girl has legs.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

(Edited March 28, 2010 to include entire story)

I do not know where to start; this is such a huge story. How do I get this universe-sized story distilled down to a handful of paragraphs? I tried, and cannot, so you will have to suffer through the seven pages I have written here.

I understand that your brains are “damaged” (your words), and the VA keeps you drugged, and that spiritually and mentally you are a mess, but I also recognize that the logical parts of your brain work well, exemplified by your building of that truck project. So this story will stick to a logical and scientific path.

I am telling this story assuming that you are not up to date on the latest in scientific research. Perhaps you are, and if so, please be patient.

Should I start with the nature of the universe and existence? Should I try to take a personal perspective? Should I tell you about Coyote? Maybe I should start with an admission that the world's top scientists will reject any attempt to spiritualize their knowledge, rejecting interpretations of a personal or spiritual level.

For example, if I was to tell you that this universe is but one bubble in an ocean of bubbles, each universe an alternate version of this one.... could you believe that? Well that happens to be true, the latest in quantum and physical science. M-Theory is the first mathematical theory that does not fail at certain critical points - such as the Big Bang - but slides right through that creation event and even describes what was on the other side before this universe existed! This gives the theory great credence and scholarly weight. (Don't take my word for it: Google it and also check out cool YouTube videos.)

But, if I was to tell you that a bubble exists, that a parallel universe exists, where your son still walks the earth, scientists would reject this as unprovable speculation.

I think that is a good place to start: where I admit up front, that, while what I tell you is based upon the latest in scientific understanding, scientists will reject any attempt to use this knowledge to speak of personal spiritual matters. So there; that is your grain of salt.

But, I would also argue that our spiritual beliefs SHOULD be built upon a solid foundation, such as the latest in scientific understanding of this very strange universe we live in. I am not trying to sell anything on faith here, but science. Okay, maybe some faith is involved, but only a small leap of faith above a solid foundation of science.

My words may not be clear enough as I am using layman language and not precise scientific terminology. Feel free to buttonhole a college professor if you want more precise knowledge. I feel that these words convey truths as my belief system is based upon knowledge as opposed to the kinds of faith promoted by those who prefer ignorance and reject science. My faith is INFORMED by science.

Then again, this will sweep the ground out from under your feet as I argue that nothing is really “real,” and that you are the pilot of your own destiny, and that only you can change your path and ease your pain. Some folks may get falling sensations, so sit down and read on with care.

The Giant Hadron Super-Collider in Europe was recently built to test M-Theory and the other theories I will be touching on here. Unfortunately, it crashed before they actually got any answers and have spent the last year rebuilding the damaged parts. It is now repaired, and after some testing, they will run experiments looking for evidence of the “god-particle” (Higgs boson) which underpins what I am telling you here. (Full power experiments will be delayed until 2011, as they feel further upgrades are needed. But, so far they have revved the machine up to THREE times more energy than any accelerator in history!)

TV shows like Lost, Heroes, Fringe, and movies that make use of alternate universe's and alternate timelines are NOT mere fantasy, but are actually based upon this very science. While they are merely stories, the complex ideas behind those stories are based upon the best of our scientific knowledge. In other words, these stories can be used to flesh out and illustrate what it is I write.

For example Lost is a very good illustration: the characters managed to set off a nuclear explosion to “reset” their timeline such that the plane crash and all events we saw in the last 4 seasons NEVER HAPPENED ....that the plane did not crash and that their lives were never disrupted by this mysterious island. At least that was their plan.

What happened is that these characters now exist in two alternate timelines or universes, making the show confusing to those who only recently started watching it. In one, we see their lives as if the plane never crashed and they were never on that island. Yet the web of their mysterious interconnectedness continues. And, their lives are subtly different from what we saw of them before, eg: Jack suddenly has a son..

In the other, they are still on the island and struggling with the events that seem to be engineered by two seemingly magical figures (one good, the other evil?) that have meddled, and continue to meddle in their lives. If you have been watching the show, Jacob illustrates the Coyote character of American and other native mythologies.

This is where the Coyote idea comes in. If we live in an ocean of universes, or multi-threaded timelines, Coyote is a force that steers human destiny by meddling in and weaving our personal timelines to his/her agenda, just like Jacob in Lost. Some mythology suggests that s/he is our mother, creator and protector, but was rejected by humanity and now known as trickster. But that is merely an aside, and not important to the meat of this story. (See post at bottom of this blog for more on Coyote)

The interesting thing, is that the closer scientists look at the universe, the more PERFECTLY tuned it seems to be for life! This seems to imply a sentient creator god. Yet, while we cannot seem to find god anywhere, we have discovered several interesting things. One is that mathematical truths are the only things that we can PROVE are real. We cannot prove our own existence, nor the existence of god, nor of your truck, nor your half inch/nine sixteenths box end wrench!

Since mathematical constructs are the only thing that we can actually PROVE AS BEING REAL, these are the tools that we use to measure our reality, including the width and depth and nature of our universe. Quantum science and M-theory are mathematical proofs that reveal a very strange universe, but one that strangely coincides with what spiritual mystics and shamans have always told us.

Mystics tell us that we create our own reality; that our experiences are the product of our own desires; and that the problems in our lives are the direct result of uncontrolled will. That if we can control/remove our desires, we can temper our physical existence/karma.

So, M-theory tells us that we occupy but one universe in an endless ocean of possible universes. While this universe is highly tuned, many others exist where the scientific rules are different and are lifeless. The argument is that given an endless number of possibilities multiplied by endless time (14-billion years for our universe), all and any possibility has an opportunity to exist, including this seemingly highly tuned universe.

(So, perhaps like pages in a book, all possibilities line up and our souls, like a book-moth, eat our way through the pages in a seemingly random fashion...?)

While M-theory displaces a creator-god, it does imply a parallel universe where Obama did not win the election, and also one where you and your son still argue and fight. But wait! This is a little fast; you need one more important piece of science: quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is the mathematical study of things very very small. Everything is made up of atoms, right? Atoms are made up of electrons, neutrons, protons.... and these are made up of what, exactly?

The point is that atoms are made up of mostly nothing: tiny bits zipping around in mostly empty space. And those tiny bits themselves are again made up of mostly nothing: neutrons, electrons, protons are mostly made up of nothingness. Your body, the chair you sit on, seem solid and real, but are actually mostly composed of nothing. In fact, mass may be made up of harmonics, rather than anything solid.

And then things get really weird. Not only does mass seem to disappear into nothingness when we look at the very small, but gravity (an important property of mass) disappears completely! It seems that gravity is “leaking” into this dimension from another dimension. It turns out that there are 11 dimensions to this ocean of universes: 9 separate dimensions + time + an eleventh which is like a stage where all this plays out!

It turns out that mass seems to be a byproduct of the intersection or clashing (like creating friction) of some of these dimensions. This indicates that mass is NOT a solid thing as we think of it, but something more ethereal, even as is friction.

Eg: friction is not a THING: we cannot hold a piece of friction in our hands, but we can experiance the results of it. Similarly, it seems, of mass. In fact, it seems that the movement through space/time of the Higs boson “creates” mass as if a by-product! Thus the “god-particle” moniker.

So we know that what we once thought of as solid and real, is not. And that many different versions of this timeline/universe also exist. This is starting to sound like the Dreamworld that Australian aborigines speak of....?

Okay, that dimension thing was a little side trip. It complicates the story and is not necessarily needed, but it can help to get the whole story.

Quantum mechanics reveals that multiple possibilities exist for any scenario, and that an “observer” is necessary to choose or influence one possibility to become “real.” Think of yourself standing in your driveway and throwing a basketball over your shoulder behind you. That ball “exists” in all possible places behind you, and does not become fixed in one place in reality UNTIL you turn around to see. It is the very act of “observing” that picks out only one possibility! ...At least when we are looking at the very foundations of reality.

This suggests several things. One, that an observer is necessary for our universe itself to exist (or at least for order in our universe), and two, that we might be able to “chose” where that ball will be before you observe where it is! Aka: the Tiger Woods magic.

So this suggests that life may be a necessary condition of our universe, as in a natural consequence of its existence, rather than being a rare event. Since this suggests that consciousness itself may be a necessary component of our universe, it also implies that the universe may be teaming with life, but that is another essay.

But, remember that, while the science described here is real and generally accepted, scientists will reject any suggestion that human consciousness creates our reality; that collectively, all 6 billion of us, together, create our world and decide our collective destinies as taught by mystics and shaman.

Okay, what does this mean on a personal level? Ever drop something and remember the quickness of your thoughts as you decided that what was falling was too precious to break and you snapped out and saved it? Ever throw a paper wad at a basket only to see it poised on the edge and your thoughts insisted that it would go in? And it did? Or the opposite: you groaned inwardly as you felt it would not. And it did not? I am talking about that split second almost subconscious decision that usually we don't pay much attention to.

Then again, from your Nam experience I am sure there are many stories you could be telling me. Eg: your CO telling you to focus your hatreds and pain to hit human targets made you an effective killer of 118 people.

I remember climbing up to a second story window on a ladder to install an awning. There was a window air conditioner that I had to reach above and the window was tall making for a dangerous situation as the ladder needed to be at the bottom of the window. No fear, I was used to working on ladders. But the air conditioner unit was not grounded properly and the weather was hot and I opened my shirt. I got a zap on my bare stomach as I reached up to install the customer's new awning.

What happened next was amazing: at least I was amazed at how fast the mind works and makes decisions in dangerous situations. Could I save myself from falling, or save the awning? How could I save both? At least, at the time, I chalked it up exclusively to mental activity. Now I see this as something more: if I had decided in that split second that I would fail, I would not be here today talking to you. I made multiple decisions in a lighting quick flash that resulted in nothing more than a scare.

While this does not prove that individuals have control over our realities, it does indicate that my path was decided in that instant, and that in extreme moments we can and do make snap reality-changing decisions. I DECIDED not to fall: it was my (sub)conscious decision that decided my fate.

Again, I have poor eyes with only one that works half properly; thus little to no depth perception, plus double vision. So how come I was a better shot with a worn-out .22, making impossible shots (such as duck hunting at night) than my buddies with their shotguns? I don't mean targets, I mean killing little animals. It is because I formed the intent to kill and relied upon intuition more than physical sighting.

My footsteps crunching on the bitter snow, I heard a rustling from a startled bird in the shrubbery next to me. I swung the .22 rifle around and blindly shot from the hip. I never saw what it was I fired at. Walking around to the other side, I saw the blood spatter from a little sparrow that was killed simply with my murderous intent. How is it otherwise possible for an un-aimed bullet to hit such a tiny moving target?

That was back in my youth, when I returned to the farm sick from my bitter and abused life on the street. I no longer use guns, but that experience informs me that (sub)conscious desire affects reality even as quantum science suggests it does.

Okay, this is where we may leave science a little behind. The latest and best of physics and quantum science seems to be telling us that the universe is an airy-fairy place where nothing is really real. That this is some sort of dreamland, as described by aborigine shaman. That our lives are the product of the force of our wills? So how come you cannot change things so that your son is alive?

Several reasons, the first being that, in spite of atoms and matter being composed of mostly nothingness, there is some little tiny bit of something “real” there. That may be the “god-particle” that physicists are even now seeking to prove with the Hadron Collider. That's why we cannot walk through walls. That is why this seeming dream-world has real consequences. The second reason has to do with TIME.

The book “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking is a book that many have attempted to read, but few have actually finished. It starts off simple enough, but sooner or later the genius leaves the rest of us behind. Give it a try. Hawking explains the possibility of time travel, or navigating time using an illustration of a V-shape.

We stand at the point of the V and the open space between the arms of the V-section contain the only possibilities of manipulating time. Out of 360 degrees, only 20-30 degrees of adjustment is possible. The rest of the page represents the wholeness of time, but it is probably only possible to manipulate/travel the time/space within the V. And only in a forward direction, or going away from the point and towards the opening of the V.

In other words, our best expert of time and space tells us that there are a very limited number of DEGREES of possibilities and directions available to us in an attempt to manipulate our reality. Taken together with the wholeness of this essay, this suggests that, as our consciousness moves through the endless possibilities of this universe ocean, we can only change our personal lives to a very limited degree.

Our trajectory is essentially committed, give or take a few small degrees of adjustment, by where we came from. Of course, even as trying to turn an aircraft carrier or oil tanker, the steady application of a few degrees multiplied through time and space can add up to a much larger curve. But, remember that we probably cannot change things that have already happened.

If we could do so, it would probably mean our soul leaving this universe for an alternate one, and judging from my experiences with psychotropic substances, that is not pretty. The TV show Fringe explores the dangers of just such an attempt: a crazy physicist has managed to reach through to a parallel universe to replace his dead child. 30 years later, the hole he created has allowed forces from that universe to penetrate, manipulate, and destabilize ours.

Then again, if you are able to focus all your desires on that one wish, you may some day wake up in that alternate universe, but probably without any memory of this one, except maybe some vague dreams. I think the possibility does exist, but be careful: that idea is dangerous. All the mystics and shamans through history have always warned us about DESIRES like this. It is better to find peace where you are now.

doorgunner posted 11-25-2009, 01:07 AM :
“I also have sat around for hours at a time thinking to myself..."Did my killing of foreign men in a useless war determine that my only Son would be brutally killed on his own soil by a foreigner??!!"

Okay, if you are still with me, this is where I get a little rude and in your face. I am sorry. Remember, that I did first ask your permission before trying to provide an answer to your question.

On a personal spiritual level, if we add all this up, what this means is that “Karma” is not what some god does to punish us for our sins, but that we ourselves decide where, how, and when we will be punished for what we ourselves decide is sin. Our life experience is our own creation.

What this means is that probably you yourself decided (somewhere in the turmoil of your sub-consciousness) that your life experience would include a foreigner taking away the life of your only son. And the universe, as well as your soul, hopes that this is payment enough for the killing you did. But, only you can decide when the turmoil in your soul will subside. Only you can forgive yourself. Only you can bend your way a couple degrees each day away from this pain-filled path. Only you can change the trajectory of your life experience and find some peace.

The universe is responsive and not a massive cold empty hole. If you need something, ask of the universe, ask every day, and with some time, it will come to you. Jesus himself said so when he instructed his disciples to pray for what they needed, that God would deliver. “If you ask your heavenly father for a loaf of bread, will he give you a stone?”

Maybe make a trip back to Vietnam; I have read of good things about vets who did so.... whatever it takes, whatever clues, hints and signs the universe offers you. Follow them. The worst you can do, is to change the trajectory of your life's path. And that would not be so bad, would it?

You did ask of the universe when you publicly posted the above question. And I feel that is why I was temporarily attracted again by my old flame of working on old cars and trucks which is what brought me to the Ranger Station web site, your build thread, and your grief. I have been struggling with this subject for a while, attempting to write exactly this, and needed exactly your REAL question to create this answer. I feel the universe brought us together so that each of our needs could be met. I appreciate your existence.

I sincerely hope that we can bend your trajectory a couple degrees away from your suffering and NOT cause you more pain. If I have hurt you, I am deeply sorry. That was not my intent.

I acknowledge that my needs here are selfish: I hope that my contact with you has benefited us both. And it does not matter if you dismiss me as crazier than you, I still enjoy the fact that I completed this task that I struggled with simply by speaking to you. I hope I said something good in your world.

I wish you peace. I hope you enjoyed the story.

For in the end, the universe is not cold science, but seems to be filled with something that motivates life, love and creation. Some folks call that god, but science seems to indicate it may be the basic building blocks of our very existence.

Our father, the Sun;
our mother, the Earth:
we are your children,
borne in your embrace.


DON'T TAKE WHAT I HAVE TOLD YOU AS EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE ALONE IN A DREAM WORLD: that is the first mistake of many who acquire this knowledge. Don't leave your wife out of this. She is not an empty dream character but a living soul. Together our consciousnesses create the world we live in and if you can relieve her pain, your rewards will be doubled.



Friday, March 5, 2010

Ha ha ha ...............turns out that COYOTE TEMPLE is a shopping mall in Temple, Texas! FUNNY!!!! Apparently, they just changed their name last year while I was sleeping. That will teach me to ignore my blog.

doorgunner, your answer is almost finished. Sat in the sun today with a couple coffees and did most of the serious editing. There are a couple things that I need to decide yet if I should actually say, and it would be best if a couple more days went by to give time for the writing to mature. Unfortunately, it is 7 pages long and it seems that there is little I can do about that. Will post it soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re: Kari Ferrell the “Hipster Grifter”

Ha ha ha ..............U silly hipster wannabes get a look at the real deal and u flee running back home to momma! What do u think a hipster is anyway: a mainstream citizen?

Kari Ferrell is a coyote in this time of the COYOTE spirit. She will lead the way rather than be assailed by the smaller spirits that think themselves so cool. Coyote is an agathokakological figure, like Dr. Who, composed of both good and evil. This young woman may show a bit more evil, but rest assured, she is not only human, but she is the cutting edge. She is coyote.

Get used to it, hipsters, you're OBSOLETE...........................ha ha ha

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a New Morality is sweeping America
The conservative morality model is obsolete

Frank Rich: America's "Cultural Pattern Of Denial Hardly Limited To The Economic Crisis"
What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us
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(Re: Vince Li not guilty of murder because of insanity in gruesome bus beheading incident:
Editorial, March 15, 09: Jim Taylor is the founding editor of an ecumenical clergy journal, PMC: the Practice of Ministry in Canada, and writes a monthly column for the Presbyterian Record and is a founder of Canada’s largest independent religious publishing house.)

Jim Taylor argues that we can't blame god for the voices in our heads. But which god?

He suggests that ancient prophets perhaps were insane, but ignores the idea of an insane god who would drown all of creation for a little human depravity.

Ask yourself what kind of god whispers in a dark cave (Mohammad) or from a hat (Mormonism) or amazes with a blinding light (Saint Paul)? What kind of god would resort to tricks? A trickster god of course.

And cultures around the world are chock full of trickster god stories with enough similarities to justify such a creature's existence. From our own Coyote/Raven, Loki (European), Spider (African) to the Peacock god of a small persecuted Iraqi community, human culture has always acknowledged a god who physically walks among us and who meddles in and influences human outcomes.

This is not an absent or dead god who whispers in our heads while lolling about in some impossible heavenly dimension awaiting that time when humanity becomes so depraved and the earth so devastated as to justify a re-appearance, but a real physical shape-shifting god. In this part of the world, this creature is known as Coyote.

Coyote began as First Mother who stole the secrets of creation and created humanity from her own body, and copulated with her creation. This resulted in a god-like species that was against all the rules. She then saved us from Old Creator's genocidal rage and Flood. Along the way she was rejected by her creation because she tended to follow her own agenda and not ours, and subsequently has been transformed into a cartoonish male coyote avatar.

For example, both the Bible and Coyote mythologies speak of a time when people lived hundreds of years longer, but only the trickster stories explain how we lost it.

There was want in the human villages as game was short and people starved. We appealed to the gods, but they were useless. They did not know what to do. Coyote stepped forward and fixed it: he shortened the days that we lived! The People reacted angrily and drove Coyote away from our feast tables and out of our villages shouting: “ Before we were only hungry; now we die before we grow old enough to be wise!”

And forevermore, First Mother was known as Trickster and became the cultural embodiment of all things human that were not quite good enough to be accepted in civilized culture. S/he wanders the waste lands looking for rabbits while waiting for her creation to mature.

Sometimes Coyote puts on a mask and looks for someone who would like to play ball. Paul, Mohammad and Moses all played a good game. Coyote is always here someplace: pushing, whispering and still doing tricks.

So if your hat starts whispering, or a booming voice from a bright light tells you to write a new religion, I would suggest looking about for Coyote tracks. And hang on tight, cause Coyote plays a mean game of cultural ball.

But if the voices are telling you to kill people for their sins, I would instead suggest drug therapy.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas coyote!

We hope you enjoy your blog...